We are facing various critical challenges around the world, including global warming, pandemics, hunger, the depletion of natural resources, natural disasters, and the aging population. Through co-creation with stakeholders in society, Osaka University aims to find solutions to such issues through innovation and fostering outstanding individuals.
In a pursuit to generate new outstanding knowledge, Osaka University is promoting diverse fundamental research in environments that cultivate intellectual curiosity, as laid out in the OU (Osaka University) Master Plan, the university’s medium- to long-term management vision.
The Institute for Advanced Co-Creation Studies was established in December 2016 as an integral part in accomplishing this vision. With donations from industry and organizations, the institute hires and nurtures internationally outstanding young researchers with sophisticated research management skills and high ethical standards to promote world-class academic research.
These researchers will be assigned as Specially Designated Professors and will be affiliated with the Institute for Advanced Co-Creation Studies while also holding positions in other departments where they can receive research support. In this way, the institute will contribute to the development of Osaka University’s Industry on Campus initiatives by promoting the world’s most advanced research that will serve as a representative for joint research promotion.
The institute started hiring researchers in the biosciences category in FY2017 and subsequently expanded to the information sciences. In FY2020, the institute also began hiring outstanding researchers from other categories, including the humanities and social sciences using university funding to promote diversity and inclusion within the university. As a result, a total of 21 young researchers have been hired as of April 2023.
I would like to ask for your warm support to further the objectives of this organization.

NISHIO Shojiro
Executive Director, Institute for Advanced Co-Creation Studies
President, Osaka University